A bit of history

Many years ago i made a game in Flash for a small school project, last January i decided to try to remake it in Unity. The Flash version was buggy and with a very complicated code involving lots of math, but i had very little time for the project, but the teacher was very pleased ( he liked math stuff a lot ). With Unity i made everything a lot more simple to manage, it’s cleaner, faster and easier to update and debug. I also have many more tools to add new levels easily.

Creating games in Flash can be very frustrating. Unity is a nice software to work with, it’s fun to use and build stuff with and you can have a prototype pretty fast. Overall i felt less frustration with Unity than with Flash (for game dev).

The game

The points of the game is to link 3 or more hexagons of the same color on a rotating platform controlled by the player. The rules are simple, i don’t want it to be much more complicated than a Tetris. It’s also an opportunity to build and finish my first game as an indie.

I have other projects but they are all more complicated and need far more work to be finished. This doesn’t mean the game can’t be good, and i do have fun while testing it. Of course i can’t be an objective player with my own game 🙂

Early demo gameplay

What now ?

Today the game is fully working with basic essential features  (save, online leaderboards, …), but i still miss some that i would like to add. Right now i have 14 levels done and i will make more for sure, i need to play test and adjust the difficulty.

I have and indieDB page that should help to get some visibility : http://www.indiedb.com/games/hexachains

I also plan on selling the game here, on my website. I already prepared the shop and product page.

What’s next ?

Soon i hope to be able to add sound and music, create more levels and add the few features i’m missing. Then I hope to be able to get a beta version and make it available through the shop. Later on i would like to put it on Desura and may be steam greenlight if the game interest enough peoples.

It shouldn’t be too hard to make an Ipad and Android tab version. For Iphone or other mobile i think i will need to adapt the game differently, i don’t think it would be playable as it is (too small).

I wish to have more feedback from the community too. It’s difficult to get people involve in the development, there is a lot of competition and many many other great projects !