Modular Fantasy Town v1.3 is now released 🙂

Trees took a little while to make, i used “Custom Tree Importer” so that it’s compatible with Unity terrain system and wind. I also had to make a separate version for Unity 2017 in order for the tree shaders to work correctly.

I started to make a small forge chimney, ended up making a prefab for an entire forge example.

Another big change is the addition of a free volumetric light solution to improve the demo scene, it can serve as an example on how to use it in your own projects.

Check it out on the Asset Store!

Patch Note 1.3

  • added pine trees with lods compatible with unity terrain and wind
  • added forge chimney
  • added a forge house prefab
  • updated demo2 with some trees
  • updated “prefabs list” scene with the new models
  • added volumetric lighting to demo1 and demo2
  • fixed wall_3x3_04 uv
  • updated metal texture with a bit more details to it
  • adjusted some roughtness values in stone textures
  • added namespace for scripts

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