I started the game with with a bunch of white cubes and a red one for the player. I know what kind of gameplay i wanted and though i would go for some kind of simplistic style like “thomas was alone” (but in 3d). I code the basic gameplay and it seems to work well enough, but the cubes were not very appealing, sadly i didn’t take a screenshot at that time.

Asset store

Some might tell you that you should do your own assets, but i recognized more than once, assets from the store in more or less popular games. Anyway i think it’s fine to use them and it’s help me a lot.  If you are not a very talented artist there is some high quality assets in the store 🙂

Here are the 2 main visual assets i am using:!/content/28234!/content/8112

If you feel assets are too expensive try to check the store often for discount.

Upgrading the prototype

Just using a few assets from the pack to build the blocks and a small scene for the game. It is not much but it’s a lot better than the cubes and i hope to use the rest of the assets in other projects.



Using the character

The player control the direction of the wolf, each movement is handle using iTween because i simply move from plateform to plateform. I use an animator to handle different state of the wolf animation:


For the idle animations i use a blend tree:


The animations appear twice because i plan to mirror them. I generate a random number to set the blending, here is the code which handle this:

IEnumerator RandomIdle()
        iTween.ValueTo(gameObject, iTween.Hash("from", randomIdle, "to", Random.Range(-1.05f, 1.05f), "time", 0.5f, "onupdate", "OnUpdateRandomIdle"));
        yield return new WaitForSeconds(Random.Range(1f, 3f));
public void OnUpdateRandomIdle(float value)
    randomIdle = value;
    animator.SetFloat("random", randomIdle);

That’s it for now, don’t hesitate to leave a comment and follow on twitter!

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